Why should I trust Xyber? Everyone claims THEY do it best.


First and foremost, because we know what we are doing (and, by extension, what Not To Do). Over 30 years of experience do matter. (Combined engineers' experience over 100 years! :) We have been in this business since hard disk drives first appeared. We actually manufactured external hard disk drives for the Apple Macintosh computer and wrote the device driver software at a time when hard disks were accessed  as large floppy drives (ST506).. We even won awards for "Best Australian hardware product" and "Best product tecnical support"..

  • We are professional. Keep in mind that very often with data recovery, things can worsen very quickly. Often, there is only one shot at the data before something gives up. Resellers (who have dealt with every player in this industry) seem to honestly believe that we are the best. We certainly have been at it for the long haul.
  • We are inexpensive: From the very beginning, we saw ourselves as the providers of "Data Recovery for the rest of us." We have tried hard to keep our pricing low in order to make data recovery more affordable for more people. We cost our services on a straight "labour + materials" basis rather than a pricing structure in which we would have to quote high just in case things turn out nasty.
  • We are reliable: We don't make things worse. We don't soft-lock your data. We don't promise you what we can't deliver.
  • We try hard: We keep going when others would have given up.
  • Privacy is a given! We deal with major corporates, universities, medical and financial institutions. Without absolute privacy, we have no business! The fact that we are still in business after all these years is your best proof of our commitment to privacy. (Unfortunately for us, this is also why we can't impress you with a very long list of household names and logos ;-)
  • We are local and proudly Australian. Ask around. Compare. Talk to people whom you trust. At the end of the day, it's your data, your money, your decision. You'll have to go with whoever you trust most...  And live with it.