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In spite of the great diversity of technologies and devices out there, data recovery is surprisingly similar across all of them. Be it a disk or a flash drive, a digital camera or a smart phone, they all use the same fundamental approach to storing data. With great oversimplification: Full post »

Speak to an engineer now!

The best way to make a decision is with as much solid information as you can get. This is one area where expertise is essential. Talk to as many people with real knowledge as you can. In addition to whomever else you find, might as well talk to us ;) We always try and help, whether you ultimately choose us for the job or not. Full post »

Why should I trust Xyber? Everyone claims THEY do it best.

First and foremost, because we know what we are doing (and, by extension, what Not To Do). Over 30 years of experience do matter. (Combined engineers' experience over 100 years! :) We have been in this business since hard disk drives first appeared. We actually manufactured external hard disk drives for the Apple Macintosh computer and wrote the device driver software at a time when hard disks were accessed  as large floppy drives (ST506).. Full post »

What does data recovery cost?


Running a data recovery operation is expensive: It needs very specialised tools, highly skilled engineers and is very labour-intensive. Marketing smoke and mirrors don't work: either got the data or not. To coompensate, big data recovery companies must maximise their reach by operating many "points-of-presence". Internationally. These are in fact no more than "collection and shipping" offices. Full post »


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