What do I do next?


First, we need to examine the failed device on the inside and find what's "really" wrong with it.
Here is the basic sequence of how we work:
On arrival, the device is allocated a Job Number and a quick assessment is made by the Service Manager. Many problems are quite obvious to an experieced hand and we can usually tell what has happened and give you a good ball park idea of recovery chances and costs. In some less obvious cases, we may have to dismantle the device and do a full assessment.
If you decide to go ahead, we will allocate the job to a specific engineer who is responsible for that job thereafter.
If we can, we'll clone the raw sectors from the failed device onto a good one. At that point we can tell you exactly what we can recover and how much it will cost.
At this point, you have a choice: Either go with our quote or decide to delay or terminate the job.

  • If you decide to go ahead, we will try very hard to keep below the quoted price. If things get really nasty, we'll requote and you can still call it quits.
  • If you decide not to go ahead, we have a nominal charge of $64. We'll close the device for collection and give you a work report detailing what we have found and what we have done. (Please note that if subsequently you decide to continue with the work, we will credit your $64 towards completing your job.)
  • If we haven't already done so, we'll search and order the required parts.